Nathan Mathis
Well Operations and Drilling Supervisor | Kinder Morgan
Nathan Mathis | Well Operations and Drilling Supervisor — Kinder Morgan

Nathan W. Mathis’s father, uncles and grandfathers all made their living and retired in the oil and gas industry. Mr. Mathis grew up on an independent lease and ranch, riding on tailgates and driving on lease roads with his father and grandfather. He also spent time at the shop, listening to everyday business. Eventually, his responsibilities and interest grew, and he was walking rod lines, greasing power houses and accepted as one of the group.

During high school, Mr. Mathis spent most of his weekends and summers working in oil and gas construction and maintenance crews, where he heard the expression, "Look at all the experience you are getting," every day. After high school, Mr. Mathis spent two years working for local oil field construction and plant turnaround for a Chevron plant in his area, and later worked full time for the Texas New Pipeline Company, a division of Texaco, in 1974.

Mr. Mathis has worked with several major companies and independents over the last 41 years. He currently serves as a well operations and drilling supervisor with Kinder Morgan, where he previously filled a position as senior corrosion technologist. During the last five years, Mr. Mathis has gained many reporting and computer skills in this role. He specializes in gas processing, pipeline construction, and pressure and coatings, and spends his days overseeing projects and managing employees.

Mr. Mathis attributes all the success he has experienced throughout his career to the support he receives from his family. He stated, "They have followed me from the bottom of a well to the fuel nozzle in both the oil and gas industries. If it were not for their understanding, patience and willingness to load up everything and move to the next place, I would not have been able to gain all this experience. I can't thank them enough."

Mr. Mathis is grateful for the time working with his grandfather and father and the knowledge he gained from them, and looks forward to passing on his knowledge to future generations.

He earned an associate degree in chemistry at Western Texas College and is affiliated with the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. Outside of his professional endeavors, Mr. Mathis enjoys scuba diving, hunting, fishing and traveling.

Nathan Mathis
Well Operations and Drilling Supervisor
Kinder Morgan
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